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Local Government Association General Assembly


The Local Government Association (LGA) aims to:-


·      Enable all local authorities to speak with one voice

·      Provide national democratic leadership for local government

·      Increase the role and influence of local government

·      Establish better and more effective relationships with government and the European Community

·      Seek more control of local government over its own affairs


All authorities are entitled to a minimum of one representative and one vote at the General Assembly.  All district councils have one representative and one vote.  For unitary authorities (metropolitan districts, London Boroughs and unitary authorities in shire areas) and for single service authorities in corporate membership, votes are allocated on the basis of population bands.  County councils have votes equal to the number of districts in their area.  Where an Authority is entitled to more than one vote, the Authority is entitled at its discretion to appoint further representatives up to a total equal to its number of votes, or four, whichever is the lesser.



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