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Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Greater London


Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Greater London is responsible for the peacetime administration of the Reserve Forces and works in the closest possible co-operation with HQ London District and other service HQ which command units in London.


It is financed by the Ministry of Defence, and with money it generates from hiring out facilities to the public. The total annual turnover is about 10 million. The Association provides, maintains and furnishes some forty Reserve Forces Centres in Greater London and has a maintenance responsibility for further one hundred and fifty cadet properties. (i.e. Army Cadet Force (ACF), Air Training Corps (ATC) and Combined Cadet Force (CCF). It is also largely responsible for the organisation and administration of the Army Cadet Force.


The RFCA Vision

To be an enduring and essential pillar in the delivery of support for the wellbeing of the Reserves & Cadets and, through our effectiveness and our position in the regions, to be the independent body that represents their interests and promotes understanding between the Armed Forces and civil society.


RFCA Characteristics

·         We are a Central Government Body with Crown status, set up by statute.

·         We are a manifestation of the volunteer ethos.

·         Our voluntary membership brings with it an unparalleled breadth of expertise and experience.

·         We are tri-Service.

·         We are of the regions, operating throughout the United Kingdom.

·         We are a not-for-profit organisation.

·         We are value for money.


RFCA Values

·         We promote the interests of the Armed Forces.

·         We champion the volunteer ethos both within and outside the Services.

·         We are apolitical.

·         We are independent (of the MOD and the chains of command) and autonomous (of each other); but, through our collegiate behaviour, we have national responsibility, influence and recognition.

·         We support the work of third sector organisations which also contribute to the wellbeing of Service personnel and veterans.

·         We supplement government funding through our income generation for our dependencies.

Contact information

Helena Ranta
PA to the Chief Executive