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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority


Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has been established to regenerate the Lea Valley from a neglected back yard into a "green wedge" extending right into the inner parts of east London. Its purpose is to help meet the ever growing and various leisure needs of the people of Hertfordshire, Essex and Greater London (a population well in excess of nine million and multi-cultural by nature), whilst conserving nature and improving the environment.

The Lea Valley provides an exciting opportunity to create a regional reservation of land and water attractively landscaped, accessible to a large urban population and providing a wide range of formal and informal leisure facilities. When complete, the Regional Park will be a unique mosaic of country parks, nature reserves, wildlife habitats, lakes, public open space, heritage attractions and informal recreation activities, interspersed with purpose-built sport and leisure facilities.

Piece by piece the totality of the Regional Park is being created as new developments are undertaken, often on derelict or contaminated land, and existing features are restored and given a new life. A river for cruising, waters for fishing, lakes for sailing, paths for walking, woodlands and water margins for wildlife, places for picnicking and camping, wide open spaces for games, countryside for peaceful enjoyment, and centres for sport and entertainment.

Whilst inevitably the Park will serve local communities, its prime purpose is not to simply provide leisure and recreation facilities to the local populous. That is the responsibility of the appropriate local authority. On the contrary, its purpose is to provide facilities and services of benefit and appeal to the entire regional population that is funding its development.


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