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Ascham Homes (Arms-Length Management Organisation [ALMO] Board)


Ascham Homes was set up in May 2003. We are responsible for providing a landlord service to the London Borough of Waltham Forest’s 10,600 tenants and 1,740 leaseholders.


Our Mission is to ensure that residents have an excellent housing experience by providing one of the best housing services in London.


Ascham Homes aims to provide all residents with excellent housing services.  We will do this by putting our residents at the heart of all that we do, by listening to and learning from them and involving them in key decisions about the management and maintenance of their homes.


We are committed to a programme of change and improvement.


We will ensure that we deliver high quality services efficiently, effectively and invest in our stock to ensure that all our residents can live in decent homes.


Ascham Homes works hard to secure the necessary positive outcome from Audit Commission inspection and so release funding from the Government to invest in the improvement works described in our Decent Homes Strategy.


We will work closely with our partners, the London Borough of Waltham Forest, to make the very best use of available resources and to deliver improved services to all our residents.



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