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Barking and Gospel Oak Line User Group


Barking and Gospel Oak Line User Group have been campaigning for improvements to train services & stations. They have had a number of successes:                                                 

·         Newer trains

·         Help Points at all stations

·         Better shelters on platforms

·         All-year-round Sunday service

From Day One, stations were restaffed for the first time in years, the line appeared on the Tube map and Oyster Pay-As-You-Go could be used. The result has been a major increase in usage - indeed the line's most pressing problem is chronic and worsening rush-hour overcrowding.

There are still further improvements that we want to see.

These include:

·         Measures to reduce peak-time overcrowding

·         Better information systems

·         New 3-car trains (2 carts are not enough)

·         A reinstated station at Tufnell Park (Junction Road)



Contact information

Glenn Wallis, Assistant Secretary

Our representatives