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Meeting attendance

Thursday, 15th November, 2018 2.00 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Waltham Forest Town Hall

Contact:    Anthony Jackson, Democratic Services Officer
020 8496 4328 Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Matthew More Council Staff Present
Eddie Townsend Council Staff Present
Anthie Zachariou Council Staff Present
Councillor Clare Coghill Leader of the Council Chair Present
Councillor Clyde Loakes Deputy Leader Member Present
Councillor Liaquat Ali MBE JP Portfolio Lead Member - Transformation and Commercial Operations Member Present
Councillor Naheed Asghar Portfolio Lead Member - Health and Voluntary Sector Partnerships Member Present
Councillor Ahsan Khan Portfolio Lead Member- Community Safety Member Present
Councillor Khevyn Limbajee Portfolio Lead Member - Adult Services Member Present
Councillor Simon Miller Portfolio Lead Member - Economic Growth and High Streets Member Present
Councillor Louise Mitchell Portfolio Lead Member - Housing Member Present
Councillor Grace Williams Portfolio Lead Member - Children, Young People and Families Member Present
Councillor Paul Douglas Junior Cabinet Member - Culture Junior Lead Member Present
Councillor Ros Flowers Junior Cabinet Member - Life Chances Junior Lead Member Present
Martin Esom Officer Absent
John Turnbull Officer Present
Rhona Cadenhead Officer Present
Michele Moloney Officer Present
Mark Hynes Officer Present
Aiden McManus Officer Present
Darren Welsh Officer Present
Councillor Vicky te Velde Junior Cabinet Member - Connecting Communities Junior Lead Member Present