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Executive post

Portfolio Lead Member - Housing and Homelesslessness Prevention


There are eight Cabinet members with portfolios (areas of responsibility) agreed by the Leader. The Cabinet works within the policy of collective responsibility and its functions are:

·         to discharge all the functions of the authority which are not required by legislation to be discharged by the full Council, subject to any regulations made by the Secretary of State;


·         to implement the Council's policies and spending the bulk of the budget in accordance with the policy framework and the Council's financial rules and regulations;


·         to make recommendations on major policy and resources matters for decision by the Council;


·         (within the current legal framework) to be the collective consultee on decisions under delegated authority which require full Cabinet consultation, other significant policy matters affecting functions are discussed with individual Cabinet members within the Cabinet member's portfolio;


·         to give political direction and guidance to and monitor the performance of the Executive part of the Council (those who manage and deliver services);


·         to provide political accountability for the Council's performance to the Council and to Scrutiny Committees; to foster and improve the Council's performance as a partner with other bodies.


The Housing portfolio holder is responsible for the following service areas:

·         Housing strategy

·         Ascham Homes

·         Registered social landlords

·         Private housing sector

·         Private Sector Licensing

Post is held by