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ME CPZ Consultation

'We the undersigned request Waltham Forest Council to assign a new CPZ to cover solely Cleveland Park Avenue and Cleveland Park Crescent, in order to replace the current ME Zone. We ask for this new CPZ to operate 24 hours, and to exclude all Business Permits'

Residents have experienced over the last two years a rise in an unacceptable level of parking problems and car related anti-social and illegal behaviour, occuring both day and night, since the following;

• The opening of The Scene and its cinema and restaurants
• 24 hour Underground service at weekends
• 24 hour gym in the town square
• Lidl opening in the town square

Due to the above reasons plus the large size of the ME Zone, CPRA residents are experiencing the following;

• An increase in people parking and idling to access the market, public transport, The Scene and Selbourne Walk, by car, from other ME areas and other zones.
• An increase in people from other areas of ME parking all day to commute on public transport.
• An increase in business and borough wide permit vehicles parking all day.
• An increase in misuse of business permits, used by employees solely to drive to work, and not for actual business purposes.

While we are supportive in principal of the aims of the regeneration of central Walthamstow for the benefit of all residents, Cleveland Park Avenue and Crescent are without question the closest residential roads to retail, restaurant and public transport hubs in central Walthamstow.
Consequently we need very specific protection to enable a reasonable quality of life, a reasonable quality of clean air, road safety for us and our families, and the space to park our cars within the 2 roads.
All of these are being seriously compromised to the detriment of residents, and cumulatively these issues have turned what is essentially a residential cul-de-sac into a free public car park, encouraging car use right in the centre of Walthamstow.

This ePetition ran from 22/01/2019 to 29/01/2019 and has now finished.

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