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Staffing Committee

This page lists the meetings for Staffing Committee.


Information about Staffing Committee

The full terms of reference for the Staffing Committee are set out in Part 7 of the Council’s Constitution, located in the Library section of this website.


In addition to the seven councillors whose names appear in the membership below, Council has appointed three members of the Cabinet by virtue of their role as portfolio lead members.


A Cabinet member will serve on the Staffing Committee when the appointment is relevant to a post falling within their area of responsibility (portfolio), and will serve as its Chair. If a post is relevant to more than one Cabinet member’s area of responsibility, the Leader will determine who will serve.


Purpose of the Staffing Committee:

·                     To determine matters relating to the Council’s responsibilities as an employer, where a member-level decision is required, including the overall framework of terms and conditions of service for employees.  


·                     To consider applications and make appointments to senior posts (or to appoint sub-committees for that purpose), or to make recommendations to Full Council, as required under the Employment Procedure Rules set out in Part 8 of the Constitution.


·                     To hear any appeal or other staffing matter requiring member level decision or appoint a sub-committee to fulfil the role.