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Audit and Governance Committee

This page lists the meetings for Audit and Governance Committee.


Information about Audit and Governance Committee

The full terms of reference for the Audit and Governance Committee are set out in Part 7 of the Council’s Constitution, located in the Library section of this website.


Purpose of Audit and Governance Committee

The function of the Audit and Governance Committee is:

a)            to provide independent assurance of the robustness of and compliance with the Council's corporate governance procedures, including procedural propriety in respect of decision-making and the Council's Constitution;

b)            to provide independent assurance of the robustness of, and compliance with, the Council's financial management and controls and risk management; and

c)            to ensure the Council meets its duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of the authority under s.27 (1) of the Localism Act 2011 and to determine complaints and appeals under the Councillors' Code of Conduct, as set out in the Code of Conduct Complaints Procedure in Part 9 of the Council's Constitution (see 18 and 19 below).


The Committee serves as an important advisory body to the Full Council, responsible for ensuring that risks to the Council are minimised on matters falling within its terms of reference and recommending changes to procedures and processes to maintain and promote effective governance.


The Committee has delegated authority to approve the Council's accounts, capital outturn and annual governance statement.  The Committee is also responsible for overseeing the financial reporting and auditing processes.