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Licensing (General) Sub-Committee

This page lists the meetings for Licensing (General) Sub-Committee.


Information about Licensing (General) Sub-Committee

The full terms of reference for the Licensing (General) Sub-Committee are set out in Part 7 of the Council’s Constitution, located in the Library section of this website.  The Licensing (General) Sub-Committee is formed of three or more councillors drawn from the membership of the Licensing (General) Committee, and may change from meeting to meeting.


Purpose of the Licensing (General) Committee and its Sub-Committees

The Licensing (General) Committee exercises all of the Council’s functions under Part V of the London Local Authorities Act 1995 (the “1995 Act”) and Part III of the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (the “1990 Act”), together with the functions relating to licensing and registration as listed in section B of schedule 1 to the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000 (the “2000” Regulations) and as may be amended by law from time to time.


The Licensing (General) Committee may delegate any of its functions to one or more Licensing (General) Sub-Committees.


Applications which may be delegated to the Licensing (General) Sub-Committee for consideration:

·         Application for a licence, consent or certificate in respect of amusement with prize permits, sex encounter establishments, door supervisor registration or any other activity regulated under the 1995 and/or 1990 Acts and/or 2000 Regulations and as may be amended by law from time to time, in circumstances where:

o   there is a relevant objection to the application; or

o   the Director of Regeneration and Growth feels that because of its nature, the application should be referred to the Licensing (General) Committee; or

o   there is an appeal against the Officer’s decision in relation to an application.

·         Application for a Street Trading Licence in circumstances where there is an appeal against the Officer’s decision to:

o   refuse an application; or

o   revoke a street trading licence.