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Agenda and minutes

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The Acting-Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting and asked for introductions.




An apology for absence was received from Borough Commander Richard Tucker.


An apology for absence was also received from Alastair Macorkindale, Head of Community Safety.






The minutes of the meeting, held on 26 March 2018, were agreed as a correct record, subject to the following amendments:


·         In the third paragraph on page 10 of the agenda pack, under consideration of the YIAG report, it states “Ms Brueseke added that the youth mental health ambassador project specifically targeted young people aged 9 – 10 years old”.  This should be amended to read: “Ms Brueseke added that the youth mental health ambassador project specifically targeted young people in years 9 and 10.” 

·         That Martine Foley’s name be added to the list of attendees present at the meeting.

·          That, in reference to the last paragraph on page 10 of the agenda pack, the sentence “An attendee raised a question on the recent murder in the borough that involved an Asian victim and a lot of fear from residents” be replaced with: “An attendee raised a question on the recent murder in the borough that had generated a lot of fear from residents.”


The amended minutes were then signed by the Chair. 




Representatives from the YIAG provided an update on the work they had undertaken since the last safer Neighbourhood Board on 26 March 2018.  The update is appended to these minutes.


An attendee asked how the YIAG were received by the various organisations that they attended.  A member of the YIAG stated that their views were taken into account.  She referred to the Children and Families Scrutiny Committee which the YIAG sat on and said that many YIAG members had experienced similar issues to those discussed at the Committee.  Councillor Berg stated that he was a member of the Communities Scrutiny Committee and confirmed that the YIAG were considered an asset and provided valuable information. 


Sandra DaCosta, Chair of the Stop and Search Monitoring Group, asked for more information on the Operational Planning Group for the first Youth Summit on 13th July 2018.  Jane Brueseke, Youth and Engagement and Participation Manager, explained that it was the first of four planned summits facilitated by Councillor Grace Williams (Portfolio Lead Member for Children, Young People and Families).  She confirmed that a key aspect of this work was to ensure young people’s voices were heard.


Councillor Dhedhi asked for more information on the mental health work they were undertaking.  Ms Brueseke explained that there were 7 Mental Health Youth Ambassadors (MHYA) who had received specific accredited training.  She added that the MHYA were also undertaking peer workshops across the borough to ascertain what they know about mental health services and how they have been used. 


Councillor Te Velde asked whether the YIAG were involved in Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) meetings.  Ms Brueseke confirmed that the YIAG did not currently attend SNTs as they did not have the capacity.   A YIAG representative added that there needed to be more publicity around SNTs and the application process to attend meetings.  The Acting Chair stated that it would be beneficial to have young people involved.  A Ward Panel Chair in attendance stated that anyone was welcome to attend Ward Panel meetings.









The Chair varied the order of business to consider this item prior to item 4.


Superintendent Waheed Khan, Metropolitan Police, gave a brief overview of transformation and transitional work being undertaken in relation to the Basic Command Unit (BCU) and, in doing so, covered the following points – that:


·         the new model was being trialled across the Metropolitan Police

·         there would be 5 superintendents with 5 areas of responsibility

·         the neighbourhoods and partnerships strand that Superintendent Khan leads on focussed on engaging with the voluntary sector.

·         there were dedicated Ward Officers – 2 per ward.

·         the work was underway to ensure that every school had a police contact.

·         the work in relation to child sexual offences would be moved back to the BCU.

·         response vehicles would continue to have a default controlling base spread across both the London Boroughs of Newham and Waltham Forest.


Councillor Te Velde stated that she was disappointed to see the low number of representatives from Safer Neighbourhood Teams (Ward Panels) and said that attendance in this area needed to improve.  She confirmed that she was pleased to hear that there would be 2 dedicated ward officers but pointed out that more creativity was needed.  Superintendent Khan referred to the need to provide flexibility for ward officers to work in different locations and confirmed that there was a pilot looking at the issue.


Councillor Berg asked whether Superintendent Khan and his team would be dealing with gang-related issues as well as youth engagement.  Superintendent Khan explained that there was Gang’s Unit to deal such issues, however stated all officers were responsible for gang-related crime. 


An attendee asked what the function of Ward Panels would be under the new arrangements.  Superintendent Khan confirmed that Ward Panels played an integral role.  He stated that Borough Commander Richard Tucker had previously stated that preventing youth violence was a top priority.  He said that ideally the Metropolitan Police would like more resources to deal with the issue of youth violence however that was not the position they were in.  He said that it was important to make the best of the resources that were available.  Superintendent Khan added that SNTs focussed on preventing youth crime, however confirmed that this did not mean that other types of crime were ignored.  He confirmed that he intended to consider this issue as part of his review of the service. 


The Chair referred to the Police non-emergency number 101 and said there were problems reported across the country.  Superintendent Khan confirmed that the Metropolitan Police were attempting to introduce other methods to enable people to report crimes.  He acknowledged that online reporting was not for everyone.  He stated that feedback suggested that people experienced frustration when reporting crimes and often gave up.  He said that this meant that, in many cases, the Police were not aware of the crime. 


Councillor Berg referred to the shirt in gang-related crime in the borough.  He stated that such crime used to focus on gang colours, however now  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.



(a)  to note that the Councillors appointed by Full Council to the Board are:


Councillor Roy Berg

Councillor Shabana Dhedhi

Councillor Vicky Te Velde


(b)  to appoint representatives to the Board


(c) to agree process for electing Executive Board members




(a)  The Board noted that the following Councillors were appointed by Full Council on 24 May 2018:


Councillor Roy Berg

Councillor Shabana Dhedhi

Councillor Vicky Te Velde


(b)  The Acting-Chair proposed that the 8 applications approved for membership, in accordance with paragraph 4.2 of the Terms of reference for the Safer Neighbourhood Board be accepted. 


It was agreed that the 8 applications received were all accepted as members of the Board.  Anthony Jackson, Democratic Services Officer then confirmed that names of those appointed members of the Board:


Councillor Roy Berg

Councillor Shabana Dhedhi

Councillor Vicky Te Velde

Sandra DaCosta

Martine Foley

Shameen Highfield

Jahmar Homer

Fiona Martin

Catherine Mears

Liz Phillips

James Phillips

Amanda Wheate

2 Young Independent Advisory Group (YIAG) representatives


(c)  The Acting-Chair explained that newly appointed Board members needed to consider whether they might be interesting in filling one of the executive positions of the Board.  He stated that Board members who did wish to apply for Executive positions, should express their interest to the Democratic Services Officer.   The Acting-Chair added that, at the next meeting, each member would then be invited to give a short speech on why they would like the position. 






The Acting-Chair explained that 3 Board members were required to review the project funding applications. 


Jamie Keddy, Community Engagement Officer for MOPAC, stated that the Board would receive approximately £30k for funding up to 10 relevant projects.  He confirmed that it was a matter for the Board to decide which projects were progressed.  Mr Keddy explained that there was detailed guidance available and workshops had been available in the past which could be arranged again if there was a requirement for them.   


An attendee expressed concerns in relation to nepotism and conflicts of interests in relation to the project funding.  She asked what measures were in place to ensure that this did not happen.  Mr Keddy stated that should there be any instances of nepotism or conflicts of interest then the matter should be reported.  The Acting-Chair pointed out that the Board would only be making a recommendation as MOPAC would make the final decision on which projects to fund. 


Ms Elwick stated that there would be a resource from the Council’s Community Safety team as the team has experience around funding and could help with technicalities.  The Acting-Chair thanked officers for their efforts. 


The Board agreed that Cathy Mears, Amanda Wheate and Fiona Martin would review project funding applications, after the three Board members confirmed their interest. 





Ms Elwick stated that the intention was to take the priority focus report to SNB meetings.  She suggested that a member of the SNB attends future SafetyNet meetings and feeds back SNB views.  Ms Elwick explained that some of the reports considered at SafetyNet were confidential and not in the public domain. 



To note the forthcoming SNB meeting dates which were formally agreed at Full Council on 24 May 2018:


3 September 2018

26 November 2018

25 February 2019




The Board noted the forthcoming SNB meeting dates which were formally agreed at Full Council on 24 May 2018. 




The Acting-Chair referred to a workshop event on 3 July 2018, hosted by MOPAC, for all Safer Neighbourhood Boards and said if any Board member wished to attend, to let the Democratic Services Officer know.