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Agenda and minutes

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The Acting-Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting and explained the guidelines of the meeting.




Apologies for absence were received from Reverend Steve Clarke and Police Borough Commander Richard Tucker.





To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 22 January 2018.


Subject to minor grammatical changes, the minutes were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.






Representatives of the YIAG provided an update on the work the work they had undertaken since the last Safer Neighbourhood Board meeting on 22 January 2018.  The update is appended to these minutes.


The Chair requested that, for future meetings, the YIAG report is published with the agenda pack to allow Board Members ample time to consider its contents in advance of the meeting. 


One of the attendees at the meeting congratulated the YIAG on the work they had undertaken.  The attendee then asked whether the YIAG delivered peer workshops at primary schools as well as secondary schools.  A representative from the YIAG confirmed that they provided peer workshops for school years 5 and 6.  Ms Brueseke added that the youth mental health ambassador project specifically targeted young people aged 9 – 10 years old.  She said that whether the YIAG provided workshops to primary schools depended on the funding provided and whether the primary school concerned specifically requested a workshop. 


In response to a question from an attendee, a representative from the YIAG stated that they had led anti-cyber bullying workshops which focussed on mental health, young people and their relationships. 





Inspector Alyn Crowley gave a brief overview of crime in the borough.  He stated that, moped crime was not a particular issue in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, however confirmed that knife crime was a London-wide problem.  He stated that extra funding had been acquired for additional patrols in areas renowned for knife crime.  He stated that the Metropolitan Police would continue to work with schools to try and combat knife crime. 


Inspector Crowley referred to two recent murders in the borough, which he stated he could not provide much information on due to the age of the suspects and given the incidents were under Police investigation.  He explained that the Police had initiated a Violence Reduction Team and were conducting intelligence-led target patrols. He also mentioned letters received on 3 April 2018 that asked people to “punish a Muslim” – he confirmed that officers were aware and were ensuring that Safer School officers would be in schools on that day.  Inspector Crowley explained that the issue was being dealt with by South Yorkshire’s Counter Terrorism Command, where the letters were believed to have originated. 


The Acting-Chair congratulated Borough Commander Richard Tucker for the extension on his portfolio to include two boroughs and confirmed that he had every confidence in him. 


An attendee raised a question on a recent murder in the borough that involved an Asian victim and a lot of fear from local residents.  The attendee stated that there were no reassurance patrols to their knowledge.  Mr Crowley confirmed that the incident was not gang related it was a domestic issue.  He added that he was unable to provide further details as the case was still under investigation. 


Ms DaCosta, Chair of the Stop and Search Group asked if the number of weapons in Police custody had risen as a result of the increased numbers of stop and searches.  Inspector Crowley said that the number of weapons in Police custody may well increase.  He stated that there would be strategic patrols to deal with the issue of knife crime.  Ms DaCosta referred to Inspector Crowley’s earlier assertion of intelligence-led patrols and asked how the intelligence was gathered.  Inspector Crowley confirmed that the information was collected from a variety of sources which included police officers, intention indicators, teachers and safer school officers.  He explained that the information collected was analysed to determine whether a follow up was necessary.  


Ms DaCosta referred to the recent merger of Police Services between the London borough of Waltham Forest and Newham and asked whether it would affect Waltham Forest’s resources and how it would be managed in relation to stop and search.  Inspector Crowley explained that the essential difference, as a result of the merger, would be that police staff in Waltham Forest and Newham would be managed by the same Borough Commander.  He confirmed that Police cover, stop and search and other Police services would continue as usual.  He stated that at present, only senior management had merged.


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The Acting Chair explained the process for acquiring membership to the Board.  He stated that an application form would be made available and that potential representatives needed to be nominated by the organisations which they represented.  He impressed the importance of progressing membership quickly and pointed out that without a functioning Board funding and accountability were lost.


The meeting then agreed the following during discussion on the draft Terms of Reference, as circulated in the agenda pack:


·         That, the YIAG continues with 2 positions on the Board, with voting rights.

·         That Police staff and volunteers were unable to apply due to a conflict of interests.  

·         That the current arrangement for councillor representation does continue and that the political parties will decide amongst themselves who they would like to send as representatives. 

·         That councillors were able to apply for membership of the Board, even if they were not a member of a relevant association/organisation.

·         That, in relation to 2.1, in the draft document, reference to cluster panels is removed.

·         That, in relation to 2.9, Gold Group replaces Critical Incident and Risk Advisory Group (CIRAG).

·         That, in relation to 4.1, Chairs or Vice-Chairs from all 20 SNB Ward Panels can attend, rather than four as indicated in the draft.

·         That certain reports that are on the SafetyNet meetings agenda, are first considered by the SNB to provide input/comments on the report before going to SafetyNet.

·         That a representative from the IAG is included in membership of the Board. 

·         That the Board removed reference to appropriate adults under potential delegates, however noted that the SNB needed to satisfy itself that it was happy with their work and that young people were being held safely and appropriately.

·         That, in relation to 5, reference to the ‘Open Forum session’ is deleted.

·         That, in relation to 4.2, reference to “co-chairs” is removed and replaced by “chair”.

·         That Section 8 is updated to detail that administrative support would be provided by the Council’s Democratic Services department and that there is a Service Level Agreement, approved by the Head of Democratic and Electoral Services.

·         That all necessary roles of the Board are detailed in the document.


Ms DaCosta raised the point that the terms of reference were silent on what action should be taken if a members of the Board repeatedly failed to attend meetings.  Mr Benson stated that that was an omission and suggested any member who failed to attend 3 consecutive meetings would be removed as a member of the Board.  He added that if the member was a member of a particular organisation, then that organisation be written to, to request a new representative. 




The Acting Chair explained that an application form would be sent to all interested parties and gave some examples of questions that would be asked, including why someone might be interested in applying for membership.


An attendee enquired as to whether Ward Panel Chairs should be entitled to automatic membership on the Board.  The Acting Chair explained that Ward Panel Chairs had been invited to express and interest.  He also stated the importance of signing of the terms of reference prior to confirming membership, to enable potential Board Members to know what they were applying for.  Mr Benson also pointed out the need for a fully transparent process.


The Chair confirmed that at the next meeting, the intention was for attendees interested in membership to attend and to elect the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer from the newly elected Board. 


In response to queries from attendees, Ms Elwick apologised for any miscommunication and confirmed that it was the intention to be transparent in the process of electing a new Board.  She added that clarity was needed on who can be a member and who could not. 


In response to a question from Ms DaCosta, the Acting Chair confirmed that the Chair of the Stop and Search Monitoring Group automatically had a place on the Board and did not need to submit and membership application.