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Agenda and minutes

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The Vice-Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting and explained the guidelines of the meeting. 


The Vice Chair then stated that the Chair of the SNB would deliver a short statement. 


The Chair read the following statement:


“You'll all be aware that I was re?elected Chair at the last meeting. Well, the truth is that the reason I put myself forward again is that there seemed at that time to be no alternative to an empty seat. This SNB needs work, but I think everyone realises it needs a reset and refresh.


I've been in talks in the last week or so with the team at MOPAC, and with trusted colleagues here. After a very long period where nothing much was going to be done if I didn't do it, I'm assured that there are now enough people with the necessary commitment, including some newcomers, to take the SNB forward. MOPAC's original guidelines were that membership of the SNB would be for term of three years, by which time new faces should already be picking up the reins. It seems this is now the case, and while there is still some unfinished business, that this SNB will be starting a new chapter in 2018. Accordingly, it's right for me to resign as Chair with effect from today.


Certainly I haven't achieved anything like what I'd aspired to. I hope the hard-won understanding of why not won't be lost as I take my leave. I've always believed in the potential of an SNB, and I still believe there is much to be achieved. I'm not going to live on Mars, so should there be anything I can help with, or offer a perspective on, I'll always be glad to do anything constructive I can.


I'd like to pay tribute to Philip Dundon, my Vice?Chair, who has always made himself available for discussion and advice whenever needed. Also to Anthony Jackson (Democratic Services Officer), whose calm, reliable and efficient administration has made a real difference in recent weeks but, most of all, to the Waltham Forest Police. Our Borough Commander inherited, but has also built on, a first?class culture of commitment and accessibility which is evident at every rank, and which would rightly be the envy of London. Thank you.”


Mrs Phillips stated that she was saddened by the turn of events and thanked Mr Herlihy for his hard work.  She wished him well for the future.


Philip Herlihy then left the meeting.


The Vice-Chair took the chair for the rest of the meeting and asked for introductions.




An apology for absence was received from Sandra DaCosta.



To approve the minutes of the meetings held on 2 October 2017 and 27 November 2017.

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting, held on 22 January 2018, were approved as a correct record, subject to the penultimate paragraph on page 12 of the agenda pack where it reads – “”she stated that these young men were dealing drugs…” being changed to – “she stated that she suspected that these young men were dealing drugs…”.



Advanced questions to the YIAG must be submitted to by 4pm on Thursday 18 January 2018. 



Representatives from the YIAG provided an update on the work they had undertaken since the last Safer Neighbourhood Board on 27 November 2018.  The update is appended to these minutes.


Councillor Mahmud thanked the YIAG for the impressive work they had done.




This item was withdrawn.




This item was withdrawn.



Advanced questions to the Metropolitan Police must be submitted to by 4pm on Thursday 18 January 2018. 



This item was withdrawn.




Future of the SNB


The Chair explained that a number of Board Members had not been in attendance at previous SNB meetings and that, as a result, there was a need to hold another AGM meeting where new Board Members could be appointed.  He stated that if anyone in attendance wished to be a member of the new Board, they should ask the organisation to which they belong to propose them as a representative.


The Chair then confirmed that he would not be seeking to be elected permanent Chair of the SNB, however stated that he was happy to be a Member of the Board.  He also confirmed that he would remain as Acting Chair until a new Board was elected. 


Councillor Douglas stated that Councillors who sat on the SNB had offered support to the previous Chair (Mr Philip Herlihy) and confirmed that the offer still stood.  He explained that his background was in finance and would be happy to provide assistance to the appointed treasurer. 


Chris Benson, Programme Officer for MOPAC, confirmed that Councillors could be Members of the Board and said that it was a matter for the Board to consider as to whether councillors would have voting rights on the Board.  He confirmed however, that councillors could not be appointed Chair of the Board.


Mr Benson then advised that all current Board members be written to, to explain that if they had not attended three consecutive SNBs without reasonable explanation, then their membership would automatically cease.  He stated that finding new Members of the Board would be challenging and suggested that an advert in Waltham Forest News might be helpful.  He also suggested inviting Ward Panel Members/Chairs to attend.  He advised reviewing the SNB’s terms of reference and membership process as the existing document was quite lengthy and potentially put obstacles in the way of membership. Mr Benson confirmed that MOPAC could work with relevant Council officers on the recruitment process should they wish. He stated that the process needed to be in place by the next SNB meeting on 26 March 2018.  Mr Benson also stated that were 32 working SNBs in London where examples of best practice could be shared. 


Fiona Martin, Chair of Markhouse Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team, asked which London boroughs’ SNBs were performing well.  Mr Benson said that all SNBs were different. The London Borough of Richmond had an attendance at its meetings of around 50.  He acknowledged however, that Richmond were not dealing with some of the challenges that other London Boroughs had.  He stated that the London Borough of Camden was a registered charity that had a good working relationship with the local authority. 


Mr Benson gave the view that the best way to hold the Police Borough Commander to account was to hold the meetings in public.  He said that there are two types of public meeting, one where the public could speak and one where the public could attend but could not participate in debate.  The SNB  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.