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Agenda and minutes

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Apologies were received from Committee Members Councillor Roy Berg,Sandra Dacosta and Kate McCabe.



Members are required to declare any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest they or their spouse/partner may have in any matter that is to be considered at this meeting.  Interests are defined in the front cover of this agenda.


there were no declarations of interest.




To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 10th December 2015


the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10th December 2015 were approved as a correct record.




Report of the Chair updating the Board on the work of the Safer Neighbourhood Board.


the Board gave consideration to a report by the Chair of the Safer Neighbourhoods Board. 


The report included a recap of issues surrounding the Stop & Search Group, updates on visits to include that to a SafetyNet meeting and London Community Policing Partnership meeting.


Neighbourhood policing - Having heard at the last meeting of the Safer Neighbourhood (SNB) of Chairs, that there may be a reorganisation of neighbourhood policing, the Chair stressed that there is a continued need for individual approaches to policing for London Boroughs.


Project funding - There have been great efforts to raise awareness, the Board asked Douglas Patient, representing Newsquest Waltham Forest Guardian, to put a notice in the paper to raise the profile of the scheme.


A reminder was given about the recent data dashboard sessions, and the benefit they offer in keeping abreast of what is happening in the borough – further workshops can be arranged for Board Members.


Police, the Safer Neighbourhood Board and the community - There could be improvement with engagement between police and the SNB, and with the local community.  The profile of the Board could also be raised as a channel for enquiry, complaint, and investigation from the community on policing issues.


The Board noted the report.



Nominations are sought for the following positions:

1.     Treasurer

2.     Board Secretary


Members of the Board who are unable to attend the meeting can nominate a member or members of the board by contacting Committee Services no later than the day before the meeting.



Following on from the AGM, vacancies remain for the positions of:

  1. Treasurer
  2. Board Secretary


There were no nominations.


The Youth Engagement Officer shared that Wendy Baah will be resigning from the YIAG as she will be in fulltime employment, and is interested in standing as a SNB Board member.  The Chair observed that positions of the Board need to be advertised formally, and there is a need to ensure that people who apply have adequate time to perform the role, but the Chair will meet with Ms Baah to discuss this further.





the Board gave consideration to a report by the YIAG introduced by Islam Fessih, Kamahl Sami-Miller and Joshua Clouden-Henry.


The report featured updates on the following:


·       Peer training work in schools/colleges and other settings focused on child sexual exploitation

·       Youth-led workshops/one-off sessions on key themes

·       Police/youth engagement events – ‘positive encounters’

·       Training police officers/new recruits.


The YIAG group presented a video to the Group.  The video was aimed at professionals to combat the use of negative language used to describe young people in reports, who are victims of CSE.  The video has been shown to students and staff in schools, and shared on Facebook and YouTube.  Feedback received has been very positive.


The Board agreed that the video excellently communicates the message of a delicate and complex subject.  The Chair also noted that it is not right for blame to be diverted from the perpetrator to the victim, and it would be hoped that parents and professionals would work with young people in this area.




Supt. Tania Coulson will be representing the Borough Commander and take questions from Board members.


Superintendent Tania Coulson and her colleague Matt Williams were present at the meeting of the SNB to answer questions on police matters.


The following matters were discussed -


Dissatisfaction had been reported from a restaurant owner, who stated that a police call handler had refused to despatch an officer to an incident of antisocial behaviour, because there was no door security at the establishment.  Supt Coulson could not comment on the specifics of the individual case before investigating, but explained that if alcohol is sold at a premises there would be an expectation that there would be door staff.  If however the premises predominantly trade in the sale of food there may have been a miscommunication or misunderstanding; if staff were the victim of crime, it would be expected that there would be a despatch.  The Chair echoed his understanding that the SNB would not talk about individual cases, but rather general policy.  Supt Coulson added that if there have been past problems at a premises that sells alcohol, it would be a condition of the licence for there to be door staff.


Violence against the person, Violence with Injury and Domestic Violence Hate Crime – Supt Coulson explained that there has been a national trend in the increase of violence against the person, violence with injury, and domestic violence.  These areas have now starting to plateau and were affected by a change in the Home Office accounting rules. 


Violence against the person is a huge descriptor that encapsulates many areas but is usually around the night-time economy, with alcohol being a highly significant issue. 


Domestic violence hate crime is linked to the increase in hate crime being reported, but points to confidence in reporting.  Factors and emerging trends include education of those affected, the change in demographic and houses in multiple occupation.  The latter issue brings with it a reluctance to report or follow through on reports made.


Police are measured by Sanction detections - These measures are governed by Home Office criteria that charts crimes to include: caution, charge, restorative justice, youth charge or adult charge. 


Hate Crime - A lot of victims of hate crime are people in public facing roles e.g. bus drivers and there is a huge increase in transgender hate crime; a question about possible repeat victimisation was put to the police.  The police representatives present explained that reported incidents of this nature are flagged, and receive an intensive pathway.  The Chair asked the police to feedback more detail on this point to the Board.


Stop and Search (S&S) – The rate of S&S appears to be going up but the number of arrests is declining.  Supt Coulson explained that S&S is an important tool and if done well, is a good engagement tool.  The S&S figures often relate to drugs, but often the drugs being searched for are smoked or otherwise disposed of.

S&S resulting in the discovery of knives arising from better intelligence and moving away from  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


PROJECT FUNDING 2016 (8.15pm)

The Chair will provide a brief introduction of the process ahead, priorities will be reviewed and invitations to join the funding working party will be offered.



the Board gave consideration to a verbal report by the Chair, were reminded that the priorities were decided on before the availability of funding was advised, and asked to decide whether the priorities should be revised.  The figure for project funding will be in the amount of £29,450.


Priorities last year were:

·       Young people – engagement and diversion from crime

·       Community engagement – stop and search monitoring group

·       Violence

·       Domestic violence and harmful practice (incl. child sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation)

·       Extremism and hate crime.


The Vice Chair remarked that the issues affecting the borough remain the same, so the priorities named should stand.  This was seconded by the Chair, Councillor Jacob Edwards, Sheridan Mangal and Liz Phillips; and the Youth Engagement Officer and YIAG Members Islam Fessih and Kamahl Sami-Miller.



REVIEW OF TERMS OF REFERENCE (ToR) (8:35pm) pdf icon PDF 71 KB


the Board gave consideration to the Terms of Reference introduced by the Chair.


In the development of the document the Chair sought and received feedback from Board Members.


Participation of YIAG - The Youth Engagement Officer asked if the YIAG should be named as a member of the Borough S&S monitoring group from which reports are invited, rather than expected.  The Vice-Chair observed that there may be a conflict of interest as the board fund YIAG.


Membership – the Board discussed whether the list of local stakeholders should specifically detail a ‘Faith representative/Generic faith representation’, in addition to ‘Any other sections of our diverse local community’, to safeguard against issues being missed that affect particular communities that are not represented by the SNB.  The Chair suggested that the heading ‘Any other sections of our diverse local community’, being generic, encapsulated faith and other groups.


It was noted that if a faith representative should be included, it may call into question the legitimacy of the faith group represented at the board; there may be a need for all groups to be represented.


It was also noted that SACRE is a standing advisory council for religious education, many faiths meet as part of this group and that there is a council faith officer working in the borough, and a designated police faith officer working the borough. 


A proposal was put to the Board to include the specific wording of an interfaith group, the results were as follows -


For: Four

Against: Two


The Board


(a)                noted the report;

(b)                voted to adopt the agreed amendments to the Terms of Reference;

(c)                agreed that the list of local stake holders should include a ‘faith representative’.