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This report asks the Council to make the following decisions in accordance with Article 7 of the Constitution and Paragraph 1.1 of Council Procedure Rules:

to note the appointment of a Deputy Leader of the Council for 2009/10;

to determine cabinet portfolios for 2009/10;

to appoint members to the Cabinet in 2009/10;

to appoint committees for 2009/10 and to decide upon their sizes;

to determine the allocation of seats on committees to party groups;

to appoint members to committees in accordance with nominations made the

Party Whips;

to appoint chairs and vice-chairs of committees in 2009/10;

to agree the terms of reference of standing committees for 2009/10;

to agree an amendment to the Members Allowances Scheme;

to agree an amendment to the Constitution relating to the number of meetings;

to agree the Scheme of Delegation; and

to agree the implementation of the Substitute Members Scheme in 2009/10.



A schedule setting out the proposed appointments in accordance with nominations made by the Party Whips will be circulated at the meeting.





It was moved by Councillor C. Robbins; seconded by Councillor J. Macklin and




that the Council:


(a)       agreesthe Cabinet Portfolios for 2009/10 set out in Appendix A to these minutes and to amend the Constitution accordingly

(Part 3, Table 3);


(b)       appoints Members of the Cabinet for 2009/10 and Junior Lead Members as  set out in Appendix A to these minutes and notes

the allocation ofportfolios to Cabinet Members by the Leader of the Council, also as shown in that Appendix;


(c)        confirms the appointment of Councillor J. Macklin as Deputy Leader of the Council for 2009/10




            It was moved by Councillor C. Robbins; seconded by Councillor J. Macklin and


RESOLVED unanimously


that the Council:


(a)               agreesthe establishment and size of committees and the allocation of seats to party groups, where appropriate in

            accordance with the political balance rules, and agrees to appoint members to sit on committees in accordance with

            nominations made by the Party Whips as set out in Appendix B. (The Council noted that the appointment of the

            independent members to the Standards Committee and Audit and Governance Committee have previously agreed

            beyond 2009/10);


            (NB Councillors P. Barnett and S. Smith-Pryor were appointed to the Admissions Forum as a result of voting).


(b)       agrees  the appointment of Chairs and Vice-Chairs of committees for 2009/10 as set out in Appendix B;


            (NB Councillor N. Buckmaster was appointed Chair of the Pensions Fund Committee as a result of voting).


            (NB Councillor N. Buckmaster’s nomination as Vice-Chair of the South Chingford and Highams Park Community Council

            was withdrawn).


(c)        agrees to combine the Audit and Governance Committees and to approvethe Audit and Governance Committee’s Terms

            of Reference set out in Appendix A to the officers’ report, subject to the deletion of the second bullet point under the

            Membership paragraph relating to the requirement that no more than one member of the Overview and Scrutiny Management

            Committee can be appointed to the Audit and Governance Committee;


(d)       agrees that the Terms of Reference of the other standing committees appointed for 2009/10 shall be as set out in the



            (e)       agrees that the number of ordinary meetings each year of the Council, Cabinet, Committees and relevant other

                        Member-level bodies shall be as determined by the Council (i.e. when approving, at the Annual Council Meeting, the Programme of Meetings for the ensuing year); and to instruct the Acting Director of Governance and Law to amend to that effect Council Procedure Rules and/or Terms of Reference of Committees which currently refer to a specified number of meetings;


(f)         agrees that all the powers and duties not otherwise reserved for consideration by the Full Council, Cabinet or Section 101 or

            102 Committees shall stand referred to the Officers as outlined in the Council’s Scheme of Delegation; and


(b)               agrees that all Members of the Council be appointed supernumerary Members to substitute when a named Member

(c)                of a committee

(d)               is unable to attend a meeting, in accordance with the Council’s scheme for the appointment of substitute members; Group Leaders and/or Group Whips being able to agree substitutions in respect of their party groups. (NB The supernumerary arrangements do not apply to Cabinet).


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